Canton Fair 2014: the Road to Friendship While Bridging International Trade

Canton Fair (China Import and Export Fair)China Import and Export Fair)Introduction
The most important channel of China’s products in the area of International trading is through the Canton Fair. However, at this time, there are also products from other countries that have joined making the fair a most sought after trade fair in the world. For China alone, this fair showed the open policy of China to foreign trade while it is the greatest route in the development of China’s foreign trading effort to all the countries around the world.

Canton Fair Historical Recorded Data
Since the year it started in 1957 it has now reached its 115th event revolving into one of the largest scaled, highest variety of exhibits and most attended event from the widest number of countries around the world. Based on record, last autumn fair recorded around 190 thousand buyers from 212 countries. Such figure manifested the impact of the Canton Fair in its commercial importance and how it contributed to International Trade.

Canton Fair, Spring Session Schedules and Exhibits
This year’s spring session started last April 15, April 23 and May 1st for each of the three phases. The exhibit is focusing on 150,000 varied product categories coming from China and overseas. Participants and visitors alike were mesmerized by the traditional designs and innovative products that reflected the efforts of the different sectors. Famous brands were also showcased increasing the excitement of the event as each competes in the many new features and enhancements of products from each company.

What is expected in the 115th session?
Because of the success of the previous events, this year the Canton Fair is expected to improve its data and information collection related to the Fair as well as improve the exhibit layout geared towards professionalism. Likewise, another goal is in optimizing and differentiating the standards of the exhibit’s categories for the betterment of the Fair. In addition, the Canton Fair of 2014 is expected to have a stricter review of its exhibitors based on a new set of qualifying standards. It also targeted an annual turnover rate on its exhibitors at 5%.

What are the expected exhibitors?
Aside from the 24,000 Chinese entities that are regularly in attendance to the Canton Fair, there are also exhibitors form other countries making the venue a global trading event. Categorically of the total volume of participants, 51% comes from manufacturers, 38% from enterprises abroad, 10% from industrial trading while 1% is accounted to the participation of some scientific research entities and other types of enterprises.

The Canton Fair has evolved to a more comprehensive and specialized event. But in this 115th session, more is expected. Aimed in bringing stronger exhibitors, the organizers have considered stricter review following a new set of qualifying standards. On the other hand this biannual event distinctly features Chinese products as well as other commodities from around the world making it one of the highest in variety of exhibits. By allowing global participation it encourages friendly competition particularly in quality and price, making this event one of the most successful International Trade venues.

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