Do you need an importing license to start importing from China?


An importing license requirement will depend on the product that you wish to import.  It is not dependent on which country you source it from.  Before I answer this, please note that there is a difference between products that require an import license, and those that are governed by certain regulations, but do not require an import license.

Practically every product you import will have some regulations to cover its distribution to end users.  Some examples of regulated products are children’s products, chemicals used in the manufacture of consumer goods, vehicles and home and office furnishings.  Please note that it is your responsibility as the importer, to find out what the regulations are, and how to comply with them.

There are government websites that will show what these regulations are for your product.  Perusing through them should do the trick.  The more difficult part is finding the suppliers who are qualified under Australian rules.  It can be challenging to find Chinese suppliers who are compliant, as Australia is a smaller market compared to the US and the European Union.  You will have less difficulty finding those that comply with US and European Union regulations.  However, you should be happy to know that most of Australia’s regulations have similarities with those of the US and Europe.  So if you are looking for a reliable supplier, a company that is compliant to US and EU regulations, would most likely make the grade for Australia.

A good government website to visit is that of the Product Safety Australia.  It contains a full listing of all the regulations that cover certain product categories.  There are also updates on the latest recalls that have been made on imported products.  You will also find straightforward rules spelled out in the website.  You can compare these regulations to those of the EU and the US.  If you find similarities in the regulations that govern your product, then chances are good that you will have fewer problems sourcing products from your supplier.

So to get back to the question that we started with, do you need an import license to start importing from China?  Generally, it is not a requirement that you do so.  Those that require a license would usually involve the importation of animals and plants.  There are also substances that are subject to controls, and some types of equipment that require a license to import.

At ChinaDirect Sourcing Services, we can do much of the hard work for you when you source products from China.  We have a full range of products and services that can address the needs of beginners who want to make their first transaction with China work well, and those long-time importers who want to start becoming more efficient in their sourcing operations.  We have literally saved importers millions.  We have firsthand experience of companies that have cut costs by the hundreds of thousands in one transaction alone.

Thank you for reading this blog.  We look forward to being of service to you.  Feel free to call or email us for any questions.  You can also visit our website:  We will be glad to give you a chance to see if your importing project will be feasible or not.


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