Should I go to the Canton Fair?


Since its first staging in 1957, no other trade show in China can impress and amaze by its sheer size and diversity of products alone, as the Canton Fair.  Around 200,000 visitors from about 200 countries come to this mecca for suppliers and buyers.  There are 24,000 exhibitors who line the exhibition halls with some of their best innovations to date in different industries, covering an array of different products and services.  Sales figures can reach up to $1.2 trillion.

Given its size and the number of product categories on display, it’s understandable for some to assume that finding products to import, and suppliers to work with at the Canton Fair should be easy.  Anyone can just pack a bag, go to the fair, and believe that odds are good that they can find the product or supplier they need to start importing from China.  There’s no doubt that going to the Canton Fair is worth it, even for just the experience itself.  Some may even visit it for inspiration alone.  But for those who represent small businesses that are still watching their expenses, it pays to know if it is worth spending your resources to the Canton Fair.

Firstly, consider what your goals are for visiting the Canton Fair.  If you are hoping to find great ideas and the latest innovations, then a visit to the fair will be worth your while, as the exhibitors at the Canton Fair use this major event to display their latest products.

If your goal is to cut costs, then the Canton Fair may not be your best option.  The exhibitors are mostly traders and large manufacturers who would tend to demand higher prices, considering that they would probably have larger budget allocations for promoting and developing products.

Another factor to consider, is the kind of product you are looking to import from China.  The Canton Fair would have more consumer goods than industrial.  Here’s a list of products and product categories as featured in three phases of this year’s first session of the Canton Fair in April of 2017:

Phase 1

Electronics & Household Electrical Appliances

Lighting Equipment

Vehicles & Spare Parts


Hardware & Tools

Building Materials

Chemical Products

Energy Resources

International Pavilion

Phase 2

Consumer Goods


Home Decorations

Phase 3

Textiles & Garments


Office Supplies, Cases & Bags,

and Recreation Products

Medicines, Medical Devices and

Health Products


International Pavilion

If you would like to know more about the Canton Fair and how we, at ChinaDirect Sourcing Services can help you start importing from China, please call us at (07) 3392 1421, or email us at  You can also visit our website and see our latest updates, and what we have to offer.




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