Tips on Going to the Canton Fair



In our last blog post, we discussed how you can arrive at a decision to go, or not to go to the Canton Fair.  We learned that even as this event is probably the biggest and the most well-known in China, visiting it may benefit some, more than others.

We will now train our eyes on how those who are already planning to visit the fair make the most of their time.  Here are some useful tips when going to the Canton Fair.

The Canton Fair is not just for first-timers.

It is not rare for those who are already importing from China, to still want to visit the Canton Fair.  There is probably no better place to find the latest innovations coming out of China.  The exhibitors in this megaevent are apt to be some of the best in the business.  The Canton Fair gives visitors a bird’s eye view of all the new advances that China has made in a number of product categories that the fair features.

Killing two birds with one stone.

For those who are not new to the Canton Fair, but still want a quick visit to see its latest edition, consider coinciding the trip with a factory inspection or an important contract signing.  By doing this, the Canton Fair can be fabulous icing on your cake.

Better to have preparation than perspiration.

Leave for the fair prepared.  You don’t jump out on a parachute not knowing where you will land.  At ChinaDirect, we believe that much of the work is done even before you step into the plane.  One of our services includes preparing your itinerary before you arrive in China.  With our system, you can save the time spent introducing yourself to suppliers and having to negotiate from scratch.  With ChinaDirect Sourcing’s assistance, you will already have your itinerary arranged ahead of time.  We would also have had some preliminary dealings with the supplier that will best suit your needs, saving you much of the time you will spend just looking around.

Leave the negotiating for later.

A common mistake that importers make, is to sit down and negotiate terms with exhibitors during the Canton Fair.  In fact, the person you are talking with may not even be the designated negotiator for the supplier.  Your main goal for visiting the Canton Fair should be to gather information.  Negotiations can come later.  If you find yourself with less things left to accomplish, it is wiser to use any extra time you have in building relationships with suppliers.

At ChinaDirect, we have what we call our Canton Fair – ChinaDirect Tour.  With this service, you will not only learn how to avoid the pitfalls of doing business in China, you will also enjoy the services of Our trained personnel in China will also be your guide and translator.

At ChinaDirect, we recommend that you leave the negotiating to us.  As we had mentioned, negotiating during the Canton Fair will take precious time out of exploring other possibilities.

In our over ten years of experience, we have been witness to so many companies that go at it alone and hear so many nightmare stories.  On the bright side, we have seen how much importers have saved by leaving the negotiations to us, ChinaDirect Sourcing!  Moreover, attending the Canton Fair with the ChinaDirect Tour, will give suppliers the right impression of you.  You can talk to them with confidence and show them that you have a thorough knowledge of the market.  At ChinaDirect, we can have your itinerary set ahead of time.  We make sure that time you spend at the fair is time well spent.  Of course, that makes all the dollars and cents when you are able to make the best use of your precious resources, towards achieving your objectives for visiting the Canton Fair!


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