How to get rich importing from China?

Why would a midlevel executive with a stable income, or a homemaker want to start importing from China?  Let’s face it, business only really makes sense if you feel there is a good chance to earn unlimited income, with time to spare that can be spent with family and friends.  It should not only afford you limitless opportunities to earn big, but also flexible hours that can allow you to spend more time in cultivating your life outside of work, like your life with family and friends.

Yes, there is no question you can get rich importing from China.  In fact, I can even say, you should get rich importing from China!  However, you need to take things one step at a time.  It is critical to start well.  Here are some useful tips for beginners who are still wondering how they can get rich importing from China:

Start with simple products:

Although China is slowly becoming a source for more sophisticated products, it serves the interest of a beginning importer to start buying products that do not require delicate precision.  Start off with goods that have a higher margin for mistakes.  This means that even if you happen to land a less than ideal supplier, you still manage to get products that are well within your tolerable levels of quality.

Choose to begin with small ticket items:

It goes without saying that beginners will make mistakes importing from China.  If you cannot avoid buying sophisticated products, try with smaller quantities or less expensive ones.  Lower exposure means keeping losses down, and managing to remain profitable long enough until you become a more experienced importer.

Avoid seasonal products:

As you get the ball rolling, you would not want to stop for a break.  Furthermore, buying seasonal goods will give you the added time pressure for both shipping and selling off your purchases.  Having inventory that you can only move in the next season, only means precious funds tied up in inventory.

Find suppliers with a track record:

I know this is easier said than done, but there are resources that you can find online.  There are search engines and B2B directories that can help you with important information.  Of course, if all else fails to give you the information you want, the safest way to go is to find a credible and time-tested import assistance firm like us at ChinaDirect Sourcing Services.

One of the more common mistakes for beginning importers is finding traders rather than manufacturers.  This means you are already importing at a disadvantage with prices that can be 40 to 70 percent higher.  ChinaDirect Sourcing has a database of more than 30,000 suppliers from different industries, that are proven manufacturers and reliable.

Start making and saving money out of your importing operations now by simply visiting our website:, and sign up to subscribe to our weekly newsletter, “China Whispers.”  Not only do you get great content and updates on our latest offerings, you also get a free report about the 7 Deadly Mistakes When Importing from China, simply by subscribing.

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