What China Does Better Than Any Other Country*

Every country has something that it wants to claim it does better than any other. China is no exception. Of course, it can’t be helped if people would quickly say, copying. However, China has evolved from a copycat giant to an innovation hub. As there are numerous articles that show a list of what China does better than any other country, I have picked some that I think matters to you who do business with China.

The Chinese are tea lovers and proves this by being the world’s biggest consumers of tea.

If you are wondering how Starbucks can get a foothold in China, don’t worry, you are not alone. The Chinese are big tea drinkers. Just how big? According to one source, they consume tea at about the rate of 236,588 Olympic-sized swimming pools a year! It’s the biggest tea consumer in the world, with each resident consuming about 400 cups of tea a year. There are about more than 800 kinds of tea in China. Drinking tea is a daily activity. It is part of the socializing process, that can help you develop good business relationships and friendships with your Chinese business partners.

Infrastructure and building fast

One of my biggest projects this year involves the construction of houses, that can be built with amazing speed. In China, high-rise office buildings can be built in a matter of weeks! Since China opened its economy in the 80s, it has developed an intricate rail and highway system, that can rival any developed country in the world.

China has some of the world’s most hardworking employees.

Although this may sound a bit controversial, this is part of the reason why China is what it is today. Rarely is there labor unrest in China. Chinese workers generally do not complain about extended working hours, or working holidays. People are always in a rush to get to that next level of success in their careers. We shouldn’t forget that any economy built on manufacturing, needs industrious and dedicated workers, and this is something that China has plenty of.


With over 1 billion cellphone users in 2012, it won’t be hard to imagine how easy it is in China to get access to a mobile phone, internet access, cellphone signal or more usage minutes. Remember we are not just talking about ZTE, Huawei or Xiaomi, China is also where iPhones are made.

They can make just about anything.

As I always say, you can import anything from buttons to bulldozers from China. Here’s something from one of our sources to marvel at. China makes 90% of all computers, 80% of all air conditioners and 80% of all energy saving lamps sold around the world. A 2011 study shows that about 20 percent of all the goods the world uses, come from China.

Are you still having trouble thinking of what you can import from China? You may even be one of those who is skeptical of importing from China. Wherever you are in the importing process, ChinaDirect Sourcing, Australia’s most reliable, can help you. Please visit us at our homepage, or drop us an email. We will be happy to assist you!

*Sources: China Whispers, CNN, China Odyssey Tours

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