How to import clothing from China Part 3*

As promised, here is the third part of a series of posts that will help you know what you need to import clothing from China. Clothing is an item where margins can be very razor thin, and volumes are high. Mistakes can mean not just the loss of a shipment, but a major dent to your bottom line. In this post, we will continue adding to the elements in your Techpack! If you are new to this blog, you can click here to find out what a techpack is. Here are the last two parts you need to have:

Design Elements

In the clothing business, it is always wise to have back-up plans, well, in this case, back-up samples or drawings. For your item’s design, you have three ways to keep a sample. One of them is with an actual sample. The other two involve a photo and a drawing. Redundancies are important to the success of your importing project. Having several options offered to your supplier as a reference for production, can significantly lower the chances of a botched order.

Sizing Specifications

Although nothing beats having someone wear your garment item, coming up with a size table will limit future misunderstandings about sizing. Sizing depends on your markets. Asian sizes are smaller than American and European sizes. Be as detailed as possible. Specs may include chest, shoulder, arms, length of inseams for pants and other details that are unique to your product.

Logos or Labels

Lastly, you must remember that your products can be your best advertisements. You need to specify embroidery or print designs as well as the brand and washing and care labels. Most countries require care labels. It is important not to take washing instructions for granted. If a customer washes your product the wrong way, this can give them the impression that your product’s quality is inferior.

I hope this has been helpful to you as a current importer or as someone interested in importing from China. My team and I at ChinaDirect Sourcing Services have more than ten years of experience in this line of business. Our blog has been established for those who wish to start making millions doing business with China. Please do visit our website: for more information about our services. We offer a whole line of products and services that can meet your needs at whatever stage you are in the importing business. See you soon!

*Source: China Importal

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