Time Management for Small Business

I never get tired of topics of this nature. I have always been an advocate for using time wisely and productively. As small business owners, one of the critical decisions we make every day, is how we use our time, the greatest of our assets. I have collated a few from various sources that I think are simple and easy to remember.

Don’t Multitask

The ability to multitask is commonly considered an asset for people who want to land a job. However, subsequent research done in this area have proven that multitasking only produces mediocre work. As a small business owner, it is advisable for you to focus on finishing one task at a time. Doing excellent work as compared to passable work, can spell the difference between clinching a deal or not.

Delegate Don’t Abdicate

There is a difference between the two. Delegating is critical to your chances of getting things done on time. Abdicating though can expose your work to risks of mistakes being made. Remember to properly train the people you delegate tasks to. No matter what happens to your business, you probably know by now where the buck stops.

Set a time for checking your email or social media accounts

They may seem like short periods of distraction from your tasks, but they all add up to countless hours of unproductive time. Avoid the temptation and assign a time for checking email and the latest on your social media account.

Block Off Time

Similar to the previous advice, create times of the day, or days of the week that you set to do certain tasks. One example would be assigning a Wednesday to do your accounting work.

Keep a To Do List

Nothing has done me so much good than keeping a list of priorities. Create a to do list folder in your email account. Have a checklist on your smartphone.

For those of you who may still not know me, I am an importing expert based in Brisbane, Australia. I am also a small business mentor and a public speaker for entrepreneurship. I am especially advocating for women entrepreneurs and ethnic minority groups wishing to start a business in Australia. For more information about me, you can visit www.lindychen.com.

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