What to do after the Canton Fair

This year’s Canton Fair Session One is now in your rear-view mirror. What do you do next? You have all kinds of brochures and business cards in your study. Now is the time the real work of importing begins.

At ChinaDirect, we recommend starting with what we refer to as the research and tender stage. Upon engaging our services, our clients get immediate access to our database of more than 30,000 suppliers, spread across or up and down the eastern regions of China. Upon receiving an importing project, we shortlist around 30 suppliers, who we believe will match the needs of the importing client.

There are three reports that we provide our clients during this stage. They are the supplier summary report, the quote comparison report and the landed cost analysis. The supplier summary report contains a summary of each of the 30 suppliers we have shortlisted. Here you will find all their contact information, product lines and their websites. The websites will aid you in finding out the suppliers’ complete range of products. This way you don’t miss out on opportunities to import other products from the same suppliers.

The quote comparison report is critical to what kind of savings you will get from the transaction. This is where we, as your consultants, are able to tell you if you are being charged the international price, the good international price or the local price. We know the differences in prices you can get out of these options. Take it from me, we have seen savings that climb up to the hundreds of thousands, just by the fact that we understand how this strategy works.

We also compare quotes from the same supplier on different transactions. We are all too familiar with suppliers’ pricing strategies. They will check your end user prices online, and start to use that as leverage to get a higher price on your next order. ChinaDirect will help you when you get stuck in this situation.

Finally, the landed cost analysis will tell you just exactly how much the entire shipment will cost, without you having to complete a single importing transaction. This is like having a sixth sense! You are able to project your costs, even before you actually start the whole importing process!

If you are interested in how ChinaDirect can help you through your importing project, do call or email us for any questions. I invite you also to attend our upcoming workshops, which are all listed in our website: www.chinadirectsourcing.com.au. See you soon!

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