Import Franchise

Franchising is one of the most common ways of doing business today. You may think this is new, but in reality this has been done for many years now and we see the results everywhere. One of the most successful import franchising is the McDonalds. Everywhere in the world you will see McDonald outlets and these businesses functions through franchising.

What is franchising?
Franchising is a business which involves a distinct agreement between the franchisors which is the owner of the business and the franchisees which are the owners of the retail outlets and considered as a third party operators.

How are the investments made?
When investing in a franchise, an initial payment is required by the franchisor from the franchisee to cover for the business rights, training of personnel, as well as the equipment needed to make the business work. Once the business starts its operation, the franchisee will regularly pay the franchisor a royalty based on the agreed term. The term can either be monthly, quarterly, bi-annual or annually. The value will be computed based on the gross sales of the franchised business.

After the finalization of the contract, the franchisee will open an exact business copy of the franchised business in an area where the business will be under the direction and control of the franchisor. The franchisee on the other hand will have less say over the operation of the business. However, great benefit is expected since the franchise is already an established brand and will easily get more consumers than starting a newer brand.

Import Franchise through ChinaDirect Sourcing
Going into import franchising requires careful evaluation basically because an investment is going to be made. More importantly this is particularly true if you intend to venture into importation from China. With ChinaDirect you can have the assurance of a total commitment from more than 7 years of experience in the field and over 400 handled projects. The key to their success is attributable to the unique managing techniques in importation from China which focuses both in independence and transparency. With them there are no hidden fees, secret commissions and undisclosed negotiations with the suppliers.

Basic Steps in Franchising through ChinaDirect Sourcing
If you intend to proceed in the franchising application with ChinaDirect , complete the enquiry form in order to register your area of interest.


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