Canton Fair

Canton Fair: One of the Best Venue for International Trading Discussions

The effects of International trade can best be experienced as you walk right through the supermarket where you will find Brazilian coffee, Chinese Cloths, Cuban cigars, Italian Wines and Ecuador bananas. The concept behind International trading is the expansion of market both in goods and services that is not readily available in one country but is abundant in another. This has resulted in greater competition thereby bringing products to our home at a more competitive price. Likewise it also stemmed the command of prices based on the supply and demand setting in the world economy.

International Trading

The fact that there are countries which are gifted with the resources such as technology, labor and capital to produce goods more efficiently than others and thereby being able to sell products cheaply is what International Trade is all about. This brings countries with higher capabilities than others to sell their produce and for countries with lesser resources in producing specific products to import. Thus trading became an essential tool.

Canton Fair

The Canton Fair is one venue that focuses on International Trade. It showcases products made in China and is being offered for export to other countries. The twice a year event is normally scheduled at the end of May and at the early part of November each year.

Three Phases of the Canton Fair

This is considered as the largest trade show ever with a venue equivalent to 15-20 football fields and because of its magnitude, it has to be divided into three phases.
1. The initial phase focuses on electronics (View Details)
2. The next phase tackles the consumer goods, home décor and gift items (View Details)
3. The last phase covers shoes, garments, office supplies and textiles. (View Details)

For those who have considered attending the trade show, it is best to identify what specific areas they want to visit because definitely they will have a hard time covering this if they will wander aimlessly around.

Goal of the Event

The goal of the event aside from showcasing Chinese products; is also to bring together factory owners and vendors as well as importers and exporters alike. It is the best venue if you are planning on importing products made in China since you can easily take your pick from among the suppliers present during the show. Also, you can directly check on your particular product of interest since manufacturers bring with them samples and displays them during the trade show.

Constraints in Negotiations during the Canton Fair

It is important for importers to have the knowledge of the Chinese language to be able to communicate with the suppliers. If need be, it is best to bring along a Chinese interpreter to help in the negotiations.
Finding Chinese suppliers for your importation business is rather hard if you intend only to use your online tool. However, if you have the means to visit and attend the Canton Fair, then this is the best means of realizing your goal for your business. This is because it is where the International trade discussions are realized. At the Canton Fair you will be able to get the right supplier, one that will ensure you with a steady supply of products that will meet your specifications both in quality and quantity. So, never miss this opportunity, you will never know that through this you will be able to expand your business towards a more prosperous venture.


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