Importing from China

Starting an importation business involving products from China entails careful deliberation on the company whether they are already an established entity or is still fresh in this specific endeavor. This is particularly true since it is not an easy feat to find the right supplier of imported products from China. Though cost is often not the issue because China products are known to be cheaper than others primarily because they have lower labor rates; it is the quality of their products that needs to be carefully evaluated. Products from China may have invaded worldwide acceptance in general but it is still not at par specifically with Japan, U. S. and other European exporting countries when it comes to quality. This can be attributed to certain manufacturers and suppliers that conduct business without the thought of establishing their company’s name, its brand and trust in their deals. A realization that cannot be taken lightly by would-be importers, so therefore all precautionary measures must be considered before venturing in this particular business in order not to be victimized. As it is, many importers have claimed spending thousands of dollars on unsellable items while others said they have not received the products or worst, getting products that are garbage items. How can one succeed in this business? What are the right tools that will help ensure success?  How big is the risk involved? These are just a few of the many questions China importers would like to get an answer. Let this article tackle these questions in detail to give readers insights to break into the importing business of products from China and hopefully make them succeed where others have failed.

“Do It Yourself Approach”

First let us focus on the direct suppliers from China. There are websites such as the and that importers can use to get products. For start-up companies or individuals, directly sourcing from these sites will save them money while giving them full control over the operation. However, the downside of this venue is the higher risk that is involved. The risks are in the areas of financial losses, expensive downtime and collapsed market. So, it is not ideal to be arrogant in believing that the task can be approached without learning how to navigate the waters.

Approaching Through Overseas Trading Companies

Overseas Trading Companies function independently but provides support services for suppliers who are engaged in exporting products. In addition, it helps manufacturers gain overseas buyers. As the definition states, it acts as a middleman but its loyalty is in the manufacturers and not in the buyers. With that premise, it is expected that these companies will sell products from their realm of suppliers without consideration over what the buyer rightfully requires. Furthermore, it is expected that as a middleman, it will increase the prices to gain its own margin over the original cost of the product. This will make the price of products higher compared with directly transacting with suppliers.

Taking the Route through Trade Fairs

Taking the trade fair venue is one of the most effective ways in finding the right suppliers in China since most exporters will be there to showcase their products like in the Canton Fair. It is through this fair that exporters and importers alike meet through a personal interaction thereby establishing an ideal business relationship. It can also be a means for importers to validate the legitimacy of a supplier. If you wish to take this route; then prepare for it by checking with your prospective suppliers if they will be present in the trade fair and if the products that you want to import will be included in their exhibits. It is also best that during such trade fair period, you can incorporate a chance to visit their facility. Through that, you are assured of the supplier’s production capabilities and evaluate their manufacturing and quality control practices. All these may seem to be ideal; however, take note that to send a representative to the trade fair will incur cost while such individual or group must have the knowledge of the Chinese language and culture. With a language barrier to tackle, most importers will not succeed in their mission.

Taking Professional Services from an Australian Sourcing Company!

The best and the safest approach in importing products from China are through the use of professional sourcing entities like the Australian sourcing company. These companies have the vast knowledge in international trading scenario and will have your company’s welfare at heart. Approaching your importation business through this route may cost higher compared to dealing the importation on your owm since they charge their fees based on order value. However, with sourcing companies that have a team of experienced marketers who knows the culture and can surpass any language barriers making your negotiations with suppliers easy and fast. Through them you will surely get the right products, best deals and dependable terms making your importation business grow and prosper towards dominance in the field. One such company is ChinaDirect Sourcing.